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The Perfect Outdoor Furniture Layout

9 Helpful Tips for the Perfect Outdoor Furniture Layout

You’ve got some beautiful pieces of outdoor furniture and it can be overwhelming deciding on a layout of where each piece goes. We at La-Z-Boy Outdoor understand this and hope some of our tips to your patio arrangement help you get a layout you absolutely love on your first attempt. Blueprints and drawings aren’t needed but having an idea in your head of where everything will go will make your set up much smoother and enjoyable.


Keep in mind these are just tips and in the end what matters most for your layout is how you plan to use your space and your personal preferences!


  1. Focal Point

Decide what and where our focal point will be. Deciding on this first will help you visualize and plan everything else around this main focal gathering point. Maybe this is your dining table with a centerpiece, a fire pit, an outdoor sofa with side tables. It can be whatever you want but try to decide your focal point first.


  1. Decide the purpose- Formal or Casual

For a formal style outdoor area go with a symmetrical furniture arrangement. If you are looking for a more casual feel asymmetrical outdoor furniture arrangements are the way to go. You can see both examples below.


  1. Walkways and Paths

You want your outdoor living space to feel inviting and nothing stops your guests from using your patio more than not enough walking room between the furniture. Shoot for 36”-48” of path walking space for those high foot traffic areas. You don’t want them to feel like they are at the movies every time they get up and have to ask everyone to stand up just so they can squeeze by. If you have a focal area that you know will become crowded then plan on adding some extra space for standing room where your guests can stand and converse and still feel connected to your other guests.


  1. Placing Your Patio Furniture

If your outdoor space has walls, or any fence “walls,” then put the longest piece of furniture facing your focal point against the longest wall. This helps not only pull your furniture together better but also helps hide part of the wall, which will make it feel more airy and vibrant rather than feeling like your inside of a room with nowhere to go. Adding some extra chairs around this area will help bring your guests together and enjoy a conversation with each other.


  1. Comfort shouldn’t stop when you walk outside

Bring the feeling of home to your outdoor living space. Using ottomans, coffee tables, and side tables help make your patio a place you’ll never want to leave. Not only the convenience of having places for your books, drinks, and games but it also sets the mood of an outdoor living oasis, rather than just a patio.


  1. The Outdoor Kitchen

If you decide to incorporate an outdoor kitchen to your living space separate it from your dining and conversation area. This helps make the space feel larger and also keeps you and your guests away from a hot grill. Another tip is the closer the outdoor kitchen is to an entrance of your home the easier food prep will be!


  1. Separate Spaces

We just spoke about separating your outdoor kitchen from your dining and conversation areas but you can separate even more. Again this helps make the space look and feel larger and more impressive and also helps make multiple areas for guests to group together. Adding a bistro set (seating for 2 with a small table,) is a great way to add another cozy spot for morning coffee with your partner that can feel more intimate than sitting at a larger dining area.


  1. Decorate

Spruce up your entire outdoor oasis with throw pillows, lighting, area rugs, small fire pits, and whatever else fits into your style. Adding this extra flare will certainly bring together the outdoor living area of your dreams!


  1. Organization

When your outdoor furniture is not in use for extended periods of time you can store them in a cushion storage box. Having a specific area to store your cushions, throw pillows and other things you don’t want to be left out for long unused periods of time help you extend the life of your cushions and pillows and also helps them stay cleaner.


Enjoy Your New Outdoor Oasis

There you have our 9 tips to creating your outdoor oasis, the only thing left to do is enjoy it! Don’t be afraid to rearrange and switch the whole thing up. That is a great way to keep your space feeling new and different next year, or even change for each season!